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Scanning & Digitization Services

Your Flexible Office offers a variety of scanning and digitization services to help individuals and small businesses preserve, archive, index and access existing content digitally.

In addition to our high speed, receipt, and flatbed scanners used to create electronic documents and files, we now have a state-of-the-art overhead book scanner.  Digitizing and archiving valuable books, documents, and permanent records are essential in order to protect critical information from natural deterioration and for disaster recovery.

Our high-speed scanner can quickly turn your hard files into digital, searchable, electronic files, eliminating the need to continually add file cabinets to your office or pay for additional closed / archival storage space.

Our receipt scanner can turn your purchase receipts into searchable, digital files from which simple, quick reports can be generated.

Our flatbed scanner can turn fragile documents into digital files for permanent record storage.

Our overhead book scanner provides a non-destructive scanning process which can convert nearly any size bound book or document to fully searchable PDF files utilizing high-end OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software technology so each book is fully searchable. We can also bookmark and index chapters or sections so you can easily access the information you need quickly.  Bound books are carefully scanned open faced with book flattening software, capturing each image from above, eliminating blurriness and curvature at the spine.

Highlights of our book scanning process:

  • Scans in color, grayscale and monochrome
  • Software has the ability to adjust color, rotate, crop, delete or rename images
  • Usable scan area is about 11.5 x 16.5 inches with 250 dpi resolution
  • Face-up, open book scanning to enable fast page turning with minimal stress on bindings
  • Auto-correction of curved text lines, shadowing & text compression due to book bindings
  • Scanned two-page spreads are recognized as individual pages for single page viewing
  • High quality image output of detailed photos, tables, charts, graphs and diagrams often make them searchable as well
  • Export image formats: PDF, Searchable PDF, Word, Excel, TIFF, JPEG
  • 100% QC for each image to ensure the highest quality output

What Types of Media Can We Digitize?

  • Books, Textbooks, Magazines, Periodicals, Catalogs, Manuals
  • Rare or Fragile Books, Documents, Certificates
  • Technical Drawings, Diagrams and Documents
  • Historical Texts and Records
  • Valuable Family Heirlooms like Photo Albums, Scrapbooks, Yearbooks, Vital Permanent Records, Military Paperwork, Cookbooks, Genealogy Records


No two documents are alike or in the same condition. Because each scanning process is tailored to the project scale, quality of the media, and detail level of the output, pricing is structured on a project by project basis. Our no-cost consultation and reasonable / competitive project or hourly rates will ensure your desired outcome. We’ll work closely with you to find the perfect solution!

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