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Time Tracking & Invoicing

  • Systematic time tracking and invoicing solutions
    • Establish a method of tracking your time that works for your industry and with your busy schedule
    • Track reimbursable expenses so they can be appropriately and consistently charged to clients
    • Establish an invoicing schedule
    • Create invoices that reflect your business and meet the specific needs of your clients/customers
    • Track payments and deal with delinquencies in a timely manner
  • Time management strategies & systems to help you meet deadlines on time
    • Do you have a good idea where all of your time goes in a day?
    • Do you feel you are using your time to constantly put out fires?
    • Are you meeting deadlines on time?
    • Do you have enough time for proactive thinking and planning?
      We will help you develop a customized schedule that focuses your time strategically and utilizes Your Flexible Office staff to your best advantage!

The key isn’t just organization, it is tracking your efforts and following projects through to completion. We can keep you on track and take care of those tasks that CAN and SHOULD be delegated!